HillDay Industries



HillDay enables clients to add value to transportation, housing, and other public infrastructure projects through the commitment to supplier diversity. Our program management services balance consistency with adaptability to ensure clients hit the marks along each step of the journey toward compliance – from establishing participation goals and documenting progress, to reaching milestones and finishing strong.

Supplier Diversity Program Management Services

Well-established relationships
with decision-makers throughout the public and private sectors.

In-depth understanding
of complex challenges and opportunities that confront public infrastructure projects.

Leading-edge turnkey solutions
that leverage best practices in strategic communication, public involvement, and risk mitigation.

Hands-on processes
enhanced by unique expertise in the industry’s latest technology platforms and applications.


A key differentiator for HillDay Industries is its ability to perform every phase of the supplier diversity process.

  • Outreach to targeted trades, suppliers, and consultants
  • Project microsite development and maintenance
  • Bid advertisements
  • Diversity goal participation and monitoring
  • Sub-Contractor onboarding orientation
  • Pre-Bid and stakeholder meetings presentations
  • MBE/WBE/SBE/ DBE/ HUB/ HUD and Section 3 compliance and monitoring
  • Davis-Bacon and Related Acts/Prevailing Wage compliance and monitoring
  • Good-Faith Effort performance and documentation
  • Commercial Useful Function Compliance
  • Sub-Contractor certification
  • Contract dispute mediation


HillDay workforce development program, MOMENTUM(SM), uses an outcome-based framework that enables individuals to acquire relevant knowledge, job-ready skills, life skills, and ultimately employment with clients.
Our approach can focus any and all of these areas:

  • Immediate employee needs for a client and its subcontractors
  • A labor pool from which to hire people for all stages of upcoming client and their subcontractor’s projects
  • A middle school to college pipeline of students that are employment ready when they graduate from high school or college.

In HillDay’s experience, employees who are drafted from an employer’s workforce development program tend to be not only better prepared to meet the client’s needs, but are also more loyal, reliable and long-term.


To help clients remain focused on project goals, HillDay provides scalable staff augmentation services to meet the needs of clients to include:

Office Engineers

Project Administrators

Technical Writers

General Conditions Fulfillment

Document Control

Project Managers