HillDay Public Relations

Public Relations

Strategic Public Involvement

Public involvement and stakeholder engagement are critical factors in the successful execution of large municipal projects. Leveraging our public relations expertise, HillDay supports its clients with public involvement programs to:

  • Education and awareness campaigns that generate goodwill with target audiences
  • Targeted communications that empower communities to make informed decisions
  • Traditional and innovative communication applications
  • Project tours and media training

Construction Relations & Mitigation

While public engagement is required for the successful start of any project, continuous monitoring and mitigation is required to ensure goodwill is not lost and any upcoming risk is mitigated before it escalates. Using the industry’s best practices and decades of experience and expertise, HillDay can provide:

  • Stakeholder forums for consensus building
  • Social media and digital communications management
  • Education and awareness campaigns
  • Community equity issues

Creative Services & Events

The HillDay team of talented multi-media professionals delivers exceptional value to clients with creativity as well as competitive pricing and fast turnaround. We propel brand marketing success for clients with fresh, leading-edge perspectives reflected in our communication products and services.

Video Production

Graphic Design

Web Design & Development

Editorial Services

E-mail Marketing


Media Relations

Technical Writing

Public Involvement

Special Event Planning

Project Milestone Promotion

Event Promotions

Government Relations

Understanding local, state, and federal policies and regulations are key factors in crucial business decisions. HillDay monitors this complex and constantly changing landscape for valuable insights and opportunities to support clients through public advocacy strategies such as:

  • Government stakeholder engagement
  • Regulatory agency meetings and hearings


Compelling narratives, engaging visuals, and multi-channel media strategies are a powerful combination for successful business outcomes. From promoting awareness and shaping perceptions, to influencing audience actions and increasing sales, HillDay’s advertising campaigns deliver measurable, high-impact results for clients through comprehensive creative and strategic services, including:

  • Design and illustration
  • Digital audio-visual production
  • Storyboarding, copywriting & scripting
  • Paid/earned/shared/owned media planning
  • Metrics & analytics